When choosing a paint sheen there are several things to consider. First you will want to do it consider what the surface looks like. Damaged walls, poor drywall work, textured, waves or humps are all things that will show with more sheen. The shinier the surface the more you will see the imperfections. Next you want to determine how much abuse the surface will be receiving. The more sheen you have, the less absorbent it will be. This comes into play with kitchens bathrooms and areas were hands touch the surface most of all. This does not mean it will clean off, it means that it wont absorb the moisture, grease, stains etc as much.

Cleaning and touching up the paint are the next part to consider. How cleanable the surface is depended’s on the quality of the paint NOT THE SHEEN. Just like with the imperfections in the wall, the more sheen the more you will see your wash marks and touch ups. As a painter, I prefer to touch up with flat paint rather then see the cleaning and touchup marks.

Lastly, you have to decide what you want the surface to look like. A flat plaint will seem warmer and soft where a gloss looks harder and shinier.

Flat, Low Sheen, Eggshell, Semi Gloss, Gloss