When asked about choosing a quality paint, nine times out of ten the main factor the person is concerned about it the ability for the painted surface to be cleanable. The cleanability of a painted wall is determined by how many times you can scrub it before it starts to deteriorate the paint and leave a noticeable mark on the wall. This is not determined by the sheen of the paint, but rather the quality of the paint. A top-grade flat paint will be more “cleanable” then the bottom grade gloss.

Be sure to speak with a paint store representative about your paint quality. You don’t necessarily need the most expensive paint to get the best paint quality.

All paint is made up of 3 components – pigments, binders and a solvent (thinner).

Quality paints contain both the best pigments and binders. In addition, they contain more of these solids than lower quality paints, and it’s the solids that remain behind after the paint has dried. Lower-grade paints provide hiding by using less pigment and extend it with fillers like clay or calcium that will have good hiding ability initially but lose the hiding capabilities over time.

Purchasing quality paint and having your house painted by a professional painter actually saves you money in the long run. Take the Pro Touch Challenge and see the difference for years to come.