When planning a large commercial or industrial painting project, a major part of the plan is how and when are we going to do this without disturbing the business activity. Based on previous painting projects this can be the most important and hardest part of the project. To start with, Pro Touch Painting will evaluate the project and determine the best approach which involves the least amount of impart to business activity and the hours of operation. Any items that can be moved with minimal effort that doesn’t effect the business operations can be done ahead of time. Now comes the tricky and tedious part, covering any items that need to stay put or are to large to move. Items that stay in production should be turned off with zip up access walls to keep them clean and in production. To navigate around items that must remain in place we use ladders and lifts.

We also have the option of using full containment to enclose the area and seal it from affecting other areas. We have a varsity of methods that we can employ to achieve a zero impact project when painting your business or industrial location.